Transforming Birth CD

by Lynn Timpany & Margot Hamblett

This CD is a powerful tool to assist you in creating the best possible experience of birth and pregnancy by letting go of unhelpful thoughts and feelings and aligning unconscious responses.


This CD guides you through powerful hypnotic processes designed to transform any fear or anxiety around childbirth into powerful feelings of confidence and relaxation. On the second track Margot and Lynn lead you through a process specifically designed to clear fear resulting from any past experiences. The third track contains a deeply relaxing hypnotic process designed to facilitate as much as possible a naturally stress-free childbirth.

Some women like to listen to the CD at night when they go to bed  many partners also really enjoy the CD too. One of our previous clients, herself a doctor had this to say about the process.

As a health professional I experienced first hand the difference that it makes to programme one's unconscious mind positively towards the process of labour. The effect of the positive attitude gave me a sense of control over the pain and empowerment to achieve my expectations. I felt confident after the session and welcomed the prospect of labour positively. Essentially it all happened as I had hoped. I had a short natural labour, and successfully breast fed a secure relaxed baby.


Lynn works with women experiencing severe pregnancy sickness and has found that even relatively short sessions of this type of work totally change their physical and mental comfort. One of her clients was experiencing pregnancy sickness for most of the time to the point where she was unable to sleep. After just one session, of doing processes like those on this CD, her nausea almost totally disappeared and she was able to sleep through the night for the first time in weeks.


Another example is a woman that Lynn and Margot worked with who was very fearful and panicky about giving birth. Her first labour had been traumatic and she wanted to be able to let go of that and enjoy the birth of her second child. After one session she had completely altered the way she thought about labour, so that she could really look forward to the birth. She said during her labour she had repeated waves of confidence and the words that had been suggested to her during the session, that supported her confidence and relaxation, were coming to her again and again and helping her into a really good state.

The 'Transforming Birth' CD is a gentle and relaxing way to help prepare for best possible labour experience.


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