What is Neuro Linguistic programming - NLP?


'NLP' explores how we know what we know and how we do what we do. Neuro refers to the brain and nervous system. Linguistics to language, so, Neuro Linguistics is the study of the language of the nervous system or how the nervous system codes and organises information. Metaphorically NLP is like brain software. You can learn how to get your brain to do more of what you want it to do!

NLP is a methodology which allows us to unpack and understand how we do what we do. By using NLP we can explore how people organise their thinking processes, their beliefs and their behaviours. Skills and capabilities in particular areas can be replicated or transferred to another area of life or taught to others. Problems can be understood and new patterns of behaviour generated.

NLP has arisen out of studying the structure of excellence.  For example if one wanted to understand how to be excellent at doing something in particular, then it makes sense to study someone who knows how to do that thing really well.  But yet most information in the field of psychology has come from studying people with problems rather than with great solutions.   NLP is a practical approach to understanding how the mind works.  It’s a new technology that allows you to change your way of thinking.   Changing your way of thinking allows you to achieve the kind of results that you want.  And also allows you to make dramatic shifts in your physical and emotional states.  Our bodies respond to the thoughts and images that go through our mind.  For example, going on a roller coaster.  One person who might perceive the roller coaster to be a really fun, exciting experience, will produce in their body many of the chemicals like endorphins, associated with joy and exuberance. A person who perceived that experience to be scary, would produce in their body all of the chemicals, like adrenalin,  associated with fear.   So it’s not so much what the experience is that makes a difference to us and our bodies but how we perceive that experience.