The Betty Erikson Technique for Self-Hypnosis.

 So,  you want to communicate to your unconscious?...

by Lynn Timpany, NLP Trainer.

So,  you want to communicate to your unconscious?...

...mind.  And it certainly is a good idea, isn't it?  To be able to communicate with your unconscious mind allows you to do so many more things easily.

And for those of you who are wondering, and I know some of you are, some of the  specific applications  include-


-going to sleep easily


-changing emotional states


-clearing emotions


-recharging quickly


-problem solving




-decision making




-dream recall,  and many more.


I have found that the most effective way to achieve results orientated communication with my unconscious mind is The Betty Erikson Induction  (Betty is  the wife of Milton).

 This is a self-hypnotic process which is easily learned and is multi-purpose.

 I like to share this process with clients and to future pace their ability to comfortably access inner wisdom and be able to completely relax at will.  Forming a working relationship with ones unconscious mind is incredibly powerful in the process of human change.

 The results of tasking your unconscious mind can be quite dramatic.  Once I had to make a major life decision, and was finding it extremely challenging to choose.  I did the following process one evening as I went to sleep and asked my unconscious mind to make the best possible decision, and let me know tomorrow.  I went to sleep and forgot about it.  The following day a friend asked me what I was going to do, and without any hesitation I replied with a decision.  When I realised consciously what I had just said, I was amazed.   I knew in a very kinesthetic way that the decision making was complete and felt congruent.  Yet my conscious mind hadn't done anything!

 As a practitioner, you know that your unconscious mind knows how to do all of the NLP processes that you have learned.  That means that it is possible for you to make  changes automatically as you sleep!  It's comfortable, convenient, and a lot cheaper than going to see some one else!

 All you need to do is act "as if", trust your unconscious mind, and use The Betty Erikson Induction to access your unconscious mind's awesome ability to solve challenges.


The Betty Erikson Method.


(Adapted by Lynn Timpany, NLP Trainer.)


This is a process for accessing a very relaxed state and facilitating communication with your unconscious mind.


    1.  Find a comfortable place, and settle your body.


    2.  Decide the length of time you would like to be in this relaxed state.


        This may be 8 hours or so if you are going to sleep, or just a few minutes if you want to quickly change the way you feel.


        In my experience your unconscious mind is an excellent time-keeper.


    3.  Tell yourself the purpose of doing this process, quite specifically.


        For example, to make a decision on a new job, "I would like to evaluate all the information thoroughly and know my decision about the new job consciously by midday tomorrow."


    4.  Decide the emotional state that you want to be in when the relaxation time is over.


    5.  a)  Now begin by noticing 3 things that you see.


    If you are resting with your eyes closed, these will be imagined  things.


    Say to yourself "I see ..., and I see ..., and I see...."


    b)  Now notice 3 things that you hear.


    These may be real things that you hear, or imagined things.


    Say to yourself "I hear..., and I hear..., and I hear..."


    c)  And then 3 things that you feel.


    Choose physical sensations like  the feeling of your tongue in your mouth, or the feeling or your breath flowing in and out, or the warmth where your back rests etc.


    Say to yourself "I feel..., and I feel..., and I feel....


Proceeding in a similar way, and allowing yourself to relax, and slow down, as you go, and if you find your mind has drifted onto something else then gently bring your thought back and start again with 3 things.  Then...


2 things that you see.


2 things that you hear.


2 things that you feel.


1 thing that you see.


1 thing that you hear.


1 thing that you feel.


Then  notice which of you hands feels lighter, and when you notice which of your hands feels lighter,  you can imagine that hand coming up to touch you on the face so that you are in a trance...and simply let yourself drift.


Copyright 96 Lynn Timpany



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