Staff Support

What is Staff Support? Generally employer funded, the Staff Support programme offers counselling or coaching for staff in order to provide an avenue for addressing difficulties which affect, or have the potential to affect, work performance. This might include Earthquake related trauma, anxiety, stress management, addressing workplace conflict, health issues, anxiety etc.

Lynn's clients include Christchurch City Council.


Employers who want to promote a supportive, healthy and safe working environment for staff will find this an economical and worthwhile service.


About the sessions Lynn uses a variety of tools from the fields of:
  • NLP
  • Eriksonian Hypnotherapy

Lynn offers amazingly simple and powerful methods for changing the way you think, feel and behave and experience health and well-being. You will leave the sessions with tools you can use yourself to do things differently in the future.

Lynn is committed to empowering individuals by teaching them how to use their minds in ways that get them the results they really want in life and enable them to support and nurture themselves along the way.

Sessions last 1 hour or less.

Staff Support

Staff may be having personal problems either at work or at home which may affect their performance at work.

  • Earthquake related issues
  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Financial Problems
  • Conflict with a peer or manager
  • Stress
  • Physical or Mental Illness
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Coping with Change
  • Death or Grieving

Personal sessions with Lynn can assist staff to clarify and change these issues and to learn skills to avoid future problems.


In-house Support for Traumatic events’

Following a traumatic event in the work place such as an accident or aftershock, Lynn can occasionally provide an in-house service so as to be available to many staff members in a more accessible, efficient way if multiple staff members are simultaneously affected.


Staff Training

Lynn can provide trainings for groups on various topics including stress management, responding to trauma, communication skills, and can design a training to suit your workplace’s specific requirements.


Real Life Success Story Staff member, Christchurch City Council, Sept 2003

"Lynn's mate-ship approach and superb skills have quickly helped me to begin my journey of rediscovering the harmony and balance I needed in my life. Within 2 months, my workplace anger had left me and my workmates now have their fully participating cheerful team player back. I can almost hear the collective sigh of relief and I bet they would give Lynn a huge hug of thanks if they knew that her coaching method was the key to my recovery".




Employers may contact Lynn directly to access Staff Support for their workplace

Staff Support Sessions are available by appointment.
Lynn does not generally provide an urgent service.

To make an appointment phone (03) 389 8952 or E-mail me here